What's pappin'? 



So much fun hanging out with these guys last week and laying down some crazy riffs on Hai Saint's awesome soundtrack to the forthcoming Crimson Black film UNSKIN - brainchild of the wonderful Elcid Assei (photos below by the man himself). Needless to say, the sāraṅgī was the star of the session - and the crushed avocado. The colours in Hai's music room are awesome...







Going Global 2017

In the middle of a very busy month of May, what a pleasure and a privilege it was to be part of the Going Global 2017 conference at the QE2 Centre in Westminster on May 22nd! I had a total blast playing crazy fusion music with these wonderful and super-talented people, representing the global music family (see image below, from right to left): Maya Youssef (Syria), Kishon Khan (Bengal), Hyelim Kim (Korea), Great Lekakul (Thailand), Sanju Sahai (Benares), Kadialy Kouyate (Senegal), Suman Joshi (Nepal). And me! Lucky... Huge thanks to Angela Impey for putting the gig together, to Javier Ureta for bossing the sound, and to the British Academy for inviting us to play at Going Global 2017


'Burning The Bush' released on Weirdshire

As a fresh wind of change blows across our magical islands in the blue, we herald the coming of a new spring with the release of Weirdshire's latest compilation of psych-folk and electronica, suitably entitled 'Burning The Bush'. I'm very honoured to have been asked to contribute to this volume, which features contributions from a fantastical range of artists - all of whom, like me, have some connection with the Shire. My own celebration of springtime in the Old Woods, 'Bluebell Forest', is track 15 on the album. Get it here!


New video for 'Pagoda'

Here's a new video for an old song of mine, using some new edits of some old stills. These pitcures were taken in a very, very special place, on a very, very special day - but, as special as that day was, it was nothing compared to what happened the following day, in an even more special place. Hopefully the resultant video/image pulsation captures something of the magical feeling I had experiencing this moment in time XX


'Bluebell Forest' due for release on Weirdshire compilation

If, like me, you still have the addictive, repetitive hook of 'Gangnam Style' going round and around in your head this morning after last night's Strictly Results Show, then this might provide the antidote:

Soon to come out on a new compilation of songs from artists with a link to the Herefordshire region - aptly entitled 'Weirdshire' - this little tune I wrote called 'Bluebell Forest' evokes the coming of spring. Not particularly appropriate for this time of year, you might think... And you'd be right. But hope springs eternal, as they say, and with each new spring comes new hope. Enjoy XX

By the way, was I the only person to think that André Rieu's violin was nowhere to be heard in the mix during a nonetheless moving tribute to Leonard Cohen? Lovely lovely dances, I wish I could dance like that...