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My second solo album, The Bubble, is out now! The cover artwork has been created by sculptor and printmaker Richard Watkins, using a technique of impressing circular shapes into blank paper to create a stunning yet subtle finish.

The Bubble takes the listener on a sonic journey beyond the sun, travelling in a protective futuristic space ship. The adventure is described in an original poetic form written by myself and narrated wonderfully by my Dad, G. J. Davies. We recorded the narration in his wood shed - which made for a surprisingy good studio - and I'm thrilled to capture his gravelly vocal delivery on record for the first time ever. The album was also recorded, mixed, mastered and co-produced by my brother, Cyrus Davies, so it really is a family effort. We hope you enjoy the ride!

Behold the majestic grandeur of Adrian Borda's Fool's Move oil painting, which was reworked by the artist himself into an album cover straight out of my darkest dreams...

Click on the Harlequin's head and follow this link to hear audio samples from Morgan's debut solo album, Pan & Syrinx: the album is available to order on my Bandcamp page, where you will also find a selection of tracks from the album available for digital download.

Coming Soon   

For my next trick, I will be releasing an album of truly mind-bending sonic architecture. Experiments In Sound will feature a selection of pieces that all exemplify original approaches to music and sound composition. The goal of this album is to begin cataloguing some of the compositional approaches that I have experimented with over the years.

Now that The Bubble is unleashed, I will be diverting all of my creative energies into completing work on this album, which has been long in the making: my aim is to release Experiments In Sound in Spring 2020 - but if I am able to complete the final arrangements sooner then I will put it out by the end of this year, so look out and listen...