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For my next trick, I will be releasing an album of truly mind-bending sonic architecture... The artwork is being prepared by the wonderful sculptor and printmaker Richard Watkins, who mocked up this little image during his morning ablutions.

Experiments In Sound was due for release three years ago, and it is currently scheduled to come out in 2017 - but, in truth, that may not happen. You can't hurry love, right?

However, I can guarantee that it will be released during the next autumn to come around when I actually have sufficient time and money available to put out the gosh-darned thing - and I can also promise that it will do pretty much what it says on the tin. With Experiments In Sound, my everlasting intention is to completely abandon all convention, in an attempt to be as exquisitely adventurous as possible. Look out! But don't hold yer breath.

Behold the majestic grandeur of Adrian Borda's Fool's Move oil painting, which was reworked by the artist himself into an album cover to drool over!

Click on the Harlequin's head and follow this link to hear audio samples from Morgan's debut solo album, Pan & Syrinx: the album is on official release from  the Black Rat Records website NOW! About time, too.