Rell Sunn - the Aloha Spirit personnified

If you're struggling to find inspiration during the bleak winter, then you could do much worse than to look at the example that Rell Sunn set for us. The article says it all, really (click on the image, you know the deal) - but it is worth highlighting one particularly simple and straightforward piece of advice:

“The aloha spirit is real simple. You give and you give and you give . . . and you give from here (the heart), until you have nothing else to give.”


Bad singers of the world unite!

Yes, there is hope for even the worst of us wonky warblers, as the YouTube video below (click on the picture) proves: all you need to do is to keep dreaming, and believe in your own raw talent.

I should point out that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and the real members of One Direction - unlike myself - are fortunate enough to have dreamlike voices. And, what's more, they look damn cool.


Life is like a butterfly

Today I had a lesson from Eden in making butterflies. Actually, she made the butterflies (out of toilet paper and sticky tape) and then she chose some colours for both of us to bring 'em to life. The results are shown on the picture below, and I think you will agree that she did a pretty amazing job.

Making paper butterflies with my daughter this morning, I was reminded that one of the only true constants in life is change. For many of us, the beginning of a new year provides a catalyst for transformation; but changes can be so hard, so painful to bear.

I guess, beneath it all, we are all as fragile as butterflies, exquisitely shaped by the changes that life takes us through. And, in spite of the seeming inevitable brutality of existence against our fragile forms, nothing can stop our beautiful colours from shining through.Thank you Eden, for this morning's wonderful lesson in butterfly art - and thank you, Mister Hirst - click on the picture below to see some more stunningly conflicted and transformative images of the butterfly.


Secret cat society plots world domination

None of us are safe, not even in the desert... See how this merciless feline critic sneers with scarcely concealed contempt, mocking my feeble attempts to understand an entirely new instrument. Click on the picture below and check out the facts for yourself - and then run! It won't do you any good, though... Remember the old adage: "There are many intelligent species in the universe. They are all owned by cats."


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