Many happy Slight Returns

November 27th is a day worth celebrating. I can't quite explain why it's so important to me this year - or why it feels so good today - but I had such a beautiful dream last night, and then I woke up this morning to find that a brand new guitar amplifier had arrived in the post. Sometimes things just fall into place, I guess...


Up a tree somewhere

As a welcome change from the recent lovely barrage of music and musicological work, I have been spending these last few days mostly building a treehouse with the old man. It's not finished yet, and it's pretty rough and ready for the kids to use and abuse as they see fit; but I believe it is an "amazing space" - and it's pretty high up! Check it out:



Dylan Thomas and Friends 

Today marks the final day of 'Dylan and Friends' - a wonderful exhibition in which The National Museum in Cardiff has displayed portraits of Dylan and Caitlin Thomas, including oils by Augustus John and photos by Bill Brandt, Nora Summers and Rollie McKenna. As my little nod of the head to the great man, here's one of my favourite pieces what he wrote: "We Lying By Seasand".



Paco de Lucía: 21 December 1947 - 25 February 2014

It was with great sadness that I learned last night (belatedly) about the passing of one of the true greats: Paco de Lucia died by the sea, on his favourite beach, Playa del Carmen, whilst I was in the middle of the desert, somewhere between Jaisalmer and Jodhpur. My time with the original Gitanos has been very valuable for me, and I saw Paco as the greatest guitar player on the planet after Hendrix had passed. Although I am no flamenco musician, I continue to be moved and inspired by the entire body of Paco's work - right from seeing him perform live in London recently, all the way back to the incredible music he co-created with the voice of my heart, Camarón, in the 1970s. Click on the picture of them below to see and hear a magical example of their artistry in full flow. Alas! Another huge, great, glowing star has fallen from the artistic firmament. Alas.


I'll Always Come Back to You

It's so good to be back in England - to return to the sea, to where my heart resides... Here's one of my all-time favourite songs of all time, to celebrate the moment: 'Atlantis (I'll Always Come Back To You)' by the legendary Brothers Isley. Click on the funky picture below, and dive into the ocean...