The kids know best

I have alluded to the healing power of music many times. When we're feeling troubled, music has the power to uplift us, to help us celebrate this wonderful life that we find ourselves in. The kids know this instinctively. Check out this stunning rendition of the initial "Sunrise" fanfare from Strauss' great tone poem 'Also Sprach Zarathustra' (better-known as the theme from the movie '2001: A Space Odyssey'), performed by an unknown orchestra of little heroes. All my life, I have tried to write music like this - and I shall continue to do so!



My little tribute to the great man



The Invisible Woman

I always get excited when Björk releases a new album - ever since I first heard her voice on an early UK 12" release by the Sugarcubes, in the late eighties. This next work, entitled 'Vulnicura', promises to be particularly heart-wrenching - but at least, with Björk's music, there is always the promise of resolution, of rebirth.

Click here to read a brilliant interview with the creative genius herself, conducted by Jessica Hopper for Pitchfork: Jessica does a wonderful job of asking all the right questions, stimulating an intimate and heartfelt dialogue ("The minute your children are born, underneath every thought is: How do I protect them? How do I keep this family surrounded in love? Then you quickly figure out that you can’t always protect them."). Björk doesn't hold back either; and the result is a very powerful interview, I feel.

When you're going through a particularly tough time, it is always worth drawing attention to the healing power of music. As the great lady says, of the making of 'Vulnicura': "In a way, I also rediscovered music, because... it’s so miraculous what it can do to you; when you are in a really fucked situation, it's the only thing that can save you. Nothing else will. And it does, it really does." 'Vulnicura' is due for official release on March 16th. 


The Beagle has landed!

Well, at least, it did land - although perhaps rather heavily. News came through today that the eternally cute but ill-fated Beagle 2 satellite has been spotted on the surface of Mars, just over twelve years after it vanished from both sight and sound. 

Why, I hear you ask, is this relevant to your musical meanderings, Morgan? Mmm? Well, the room where they built Beagle 2 used to look like this:

But after the Beagle 2 project folded, the laboratory was left dormant for around seven years - until funding was awarded to the Music Department of the OU to develop the space as a cutting-edge music research laboratory. I was involved in setting the studio up, and we started working on a different kind of interstellar space mission:

Thanks to the eternal good graces Martin Clayton and Laura Leante (pictured above), I was able to fulfil a long-held dream - to record a music album of my own imagining in a state-of-the-art recording studio. Thus it was that 'Pan & Syrinx' was borne from the flames of the Beagle. And now she rises again, like a cosmic phoenix! Life is beautiful, eh?